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Frequently asked Questions

What makes TeaTox unique?
Our teas have been carefully formulated by holistic nutritionists and naturopaths who always put holistic health first.

Herbs are powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They have been studied for many years on the benefits each herb can provide for your body.

Our proprietary blends have no less then 12 amazing herbs with incredible benefits, when you are consistent and take them for the full 14 day term while eating and living a healthy lifestyle, you flush out toxins and rebuild a healthy environment within your body.

Naturopath often use herbal medicine in their practice. Our holistic nutritionist focuses on digestive health within her practices to provide and help clients build or rebuild a healthy lifestyle.

Why is the tea looseleaf?

Quality and effectiveness go hand in hand.

Our premium whole leaf tea is uncut and allows for all of the natural essential oils of the tea to keep their medicinal properties and natural aroma and flavouring.

Low grade tea and cut tea allow for a larger surface area where oxygen and natural essentials oils become rancid or stale.

Are your tea blends all natural and organic?

Yes! All of our tea blends are made with only premium, 100% organic whole leaf tea, with no additives, preservatives or flavoring.

Our proprietary blends have been carefully picked and mixed to have the best health benefits for you.

When do I drink the teas?

The first tea in your teatox program can be had anytime of day. If you like to start your morning with coffee, we suggest you have a cup of water with lemon first, followed by your coffee, and then you can steep your first tea and have it during the day and afternoon.

Having it in the morning first thing is ideal, and allows you to resteep it a few times in the day.

All evening teas can be had before or after dinner.

How do I steep tea?

Boil water via hot water kettle, stove top, coffee machine. Herbal teas ideally steep best at 180°

Place tea in a tea steeper and put it in your favorite mug or togo cup.

Pour hot water into your cup and over your tea steeper.

Can i heat my water in the microwave?

We prefer you don't use your microwave to boil water. Invest in a kettle or heat water over the stove for best and healthiest results.

Can i steep my tea more than once?

Yes you can resteep all of your teas more then once with the exception of our evening tea.

We encourage resteeping your tea to get the most benefits from them.

Will this tea give me stomach cramps or make me run to the washroom?

No. Follow steeping instructions on the package, and don't over steep your tea, use a timer, if evening tea is over steeped you can get stomach cramps.

Our teas have been carefully formulated but holistic nutritionists and naturopaths to ensure our teas are providing great nutritional benefits.

We love health and nutrition and the powerful health benefits herbs have. Our teas have been combined together to help and support organ health and function.

Our evening tea will help with natural elimination the next day as it is full of soluble fiber and a light laxative.

Does your tea taste good?

Yes! Everyone who has tried our tea loves the natural taste of the freshest herbs in their cup!

Will the reset teas help aid in my new lifestyle?

Yes! Teatox is a wonderful addition to anyone's new lifestyle change and will aid in creating healthy habits.

When you start your day doing something good, you will continue making good choices throughout the day.

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